Friday, August 16, 2013

Things they never teach you

Now that my collaborating physician may be going VIP, this gives me the opportunity to learn how to do my own marketing.  These are the things they never teach you in school, whether you graduated from nursing or medical school.  I have been researching and reading websites like never before.  I have been taking blogging classes and reading tips for free and cost effective advertising.  Just when you think you can't think of anything else you find out there is more.  Take a few deep breaths, collect yourself and keep going. Here are a few things I picked up along the way.
1.Facebook is free, connect with your friends and hopefully they will tell their friends and so on.
2.There are free websites out there and you don't have to know computer language or codes.  It will do all the work for you and you fill in the rest to customize.
3.There are blogs for people who are trying to start a business and they have done more research than you.
4.Get people's opinions and have them proofread your stuff.
5.You are a nurse practitioner or other professional, a spouse, and probably trying to raise your kids, and you are not an expert at everything. It's ok to get a little free help from family and friends.
6.Everything is better after a good night sleep.