Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Wrinkle Relaxers do just that!

Do you know what neurotoxins do and will they meet your expections? Many people think that drugs like Botox, dysport and xeomin will erase wrinkles.  Truth is they will not.  They are fabulous medications to help slow the aging process, but if there is a wrinkle they will only slow the progression and prevent new ones.  Many times after injecting someone new, we will get a phone call in a day or two or even a week that the medication is not working because the wrinkle is still present.  The medication works just fine.  I injected correctly, I reconstituted properly and it is impossible to erase a wrinkle.  This complaint is, of course, after an extensive consultation of setting expectations and thoroughly explaining how the medication works.

So, what happens when our clients go home?  Did they forget?  Did they listen? Do they think I was not truthful?  What do neurotoxins actually do?  They freeze the muscle to prevent a repetitive movement that will cause or deepen a wrinkle.  If you fold a piece of paper in half 100 times, there will be a crease.  If you stop folding the paper there will still be a crease.  If you stop folding the paper the crease will no longer deepen.  The crease will always be there.  Luckily we have skin, and it is different from paper.

So, if you inject the muscles to paralyze them, the wrinkle will soften over time.  Eventually, the crease will be barely noticeable, but only if you inject on a regular basis.  The recommendation is every 3-4 months.  The medication will not work if you only inject once every 3 years.  Lotion will not moisturize your hands or face if you apply it once and never do it again.  Neither will Botox or Dysport soften a wrinkle if you only do it once. Not even if you do it twice.  You must keep up on it to see the benefits of this wonderful product.

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